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Financial Due Diligence in Alaska Commercial Real Estate

We've talked before about the importance of doing your due diligence in Alaska commercial real estate, from building your local network and team of experts to identifying risk. Another important component of being a smart real estate investor is covering all of your financial bases and you can count on Northern Edge Realty to walk you [...]

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How to Find a Deal in Alaska Commercial Real Estate

No matter how seasoned you are in Alaska commercial real estate, everyone wants to find a deal. Finding a great property at a great price that can potentially help you generate income and reach your financial goals is the most ideal scenario afterall. However, you have to know which factors signal a steal in commercial [...]

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5 Things for Alaska Commercial Real Estate Owners to Note

Once you own a commercial real estate property in Alaska, you may find yourself wondering what happens next. Do you simply begin to collect income from your tenants? How do you go about finding a tenant if your space is vacant? How do you ensure your properties run smoothly? As your commercial real estate experts, Northern [...]

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Additional Rent— What Are Alaska Operating Expense Pass-Throughs?

In most cases, when you're a property owner of Alaska commercial real estate, you will be responsible for the operating expenses for the building that will run the gamut from insurance, to necessary repairs and maintenance, to utilities (like electricity and water), and taxes. In order to recover some of these costs, the property owner [...]

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Questions to Ask Before Committing to an Alaska Commercial Real Estate Lease

There are dozens of factors to consider when searching for the best Alaska commercial real estate property. For instance, the location, the square footage, and the rent. But before you get carried away thinking about what your profit could be, it's important to ask a few questions to ensure you have checked all of the [...]

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Why Alaska Commercial Real Estate Is the Best Financial Investment

Whether or not you are new to the Alaska commercial real estate market, one of the most crucial questions to ask yourself is "Which investment makes the most financial sense for me?" or rather, "Which investment will ultimately help me to save or make money?"  Real estate can be one of the most lucrative investments [...]

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5 People You Need on Your Team When Buying Alaska Commercial Real Estate

Buying commercial real estate in Alaska is a process that requires research and as you may not yet have realized, an expert team behind you. Not only does this team include your Northern Edge Commercial real estate agent, but a few other key players that will help your investment along. Below are the five people [...]

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How to Find the Best Alaska Commercial Real Estate Space for Your Business

When it comes to choosing a commercial real estate space for your business in Alaska, there are many factors to consider. For instance, the type of property that best suits your needs, the type of lease you will negotiate, the location, and the price per square foot will all play an important role in your [...]

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Alaska Commercial Real Estate Investing Tips That Have Stood the Test of Time

Your decision to invest in Alaska commercial real estate is not one to be taken lightly. In fact, before you even begin the search for a commercial property in the Anchorage area, you should have your finances sorted, a strategy in place, and done the proper due diligence in order to make this big step [...]

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Identifying Risk in Anchorage Commercial Real Estate

Before you commit to buy a commercial real estate property, it is key to do your due diligence— including identifying any risks involved with the purchase. Many factors play a role in which risks you may encounter when investing in Anchorage commercial real estate, from economic to industry trends, and you must know how to [...]

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