Buying commercial real estate in Alaska is a process that requires research and as you may not yet have realized, an expert team behind you. Not only does this team include your Northern Edge Commercial real estate agent, but a few other key players that will help your investment along.

Below are the five people you need on your team when buying Alaska commercial real estate this year:

Real Estate Agent
As we mentioned above, your commercial real estate agent will be your go-to point of contact for every step in the process. From finding the perfect property to negotiating a commercial lease, your agent has done this before and knows the in’s and out’s of closing a commercial deal. As your local real estate experts, you can count on Northern Edge Commercial to work on your behalf and help you achieve your investment goals.

Commercial real estate deals are much different than their residential counterparts. There may be more terminology involved that you are not familiar with, more legal advice you will need surrounding protecting your asset and yourself. Having an attorney on your team to handle all of the legal matters pertaining to your properties is essential.

When purchasing commercial real estate in Alaska, you will likely need a lender to discuss financing and the capital needed to acquire potential properties. Your real estate agent is a wealth of recommendations when it comes to finding an experienced lender you can trust who will be on hand to make the process run as smoothly as possible.

Should your commercial property in Alaska require any build-out, having a contractor available to field your questions and ideas to can be helpful. You will want to gather several bids for your property before choosing a contractor, but once this step is finished, you will have a go-to person to help you turn around properties quicker and complete any build-outs, improvements, or repairs that should arise.

Property Manager
Depending on the type of commercial property you purchase and the amount of properties you own, you may be in need of a property manager. After all, tending to each property can be a full-time job in itself. These managers allow you to focus more on your investments, rather than upkeep.

If you’ve been considering investing in Anchorage commercial real estate or have questions about available commercial properties in Alaska, give Northern Edge Commercial Real Estate a call today!