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How to Find the Best Alaska Commercial Real Estate Space for Your Business

When it comes to choosing a commercial real estate space for your business in Alaska, there are many factors to consider. For instance, the type of property that best suits your needs, the type of lease you will negotiate, the location, and the price per square foot will all play an important role in your [...]

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Office Space: Smart Move for Commercial Real Estate Investors

Whether you are an experienced commercial real estate investor or are new to the market, one of the first decisions you will make is which property type suits you best. You will consider location, costs, return on investment, and of course, the outlook of that particular property type. In this case, it's office space that is proving to [...]

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How to Protect Your Alaska Commercial Real Estate Investment

There are many different types of commercial properties that are poised to withstand economic downtown—for instance, Class B office buildings. Investing in these specific properties is a wise decision alone, but there are also a few steps you can take yourself to further protect your asset. Don’t over-leverage As a commercial real estate investor, one [...]

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Terms to Consider in an Alaska Commercial Real Estate Lease

Finding the right property for your Alaska commercial real estate needs is a major step in itself, but once you've done so, you will then move on to negotiating the lease. A commercial office lease—whether you're looking for a medical office, retail space, condo office space or business park—will be inundated with key terms and legal information that [...]

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5 Alaska Commercial Property Types Able to Withstand Economic Downturn

As you may know, real estate ebbs and flows just like any market. Periods of intense activity can often be followed by a winding down over several months, or even over the course of a year. It is the economy that plays the most pivotal role in these commercial real estate market cycles and any [...]

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Standard Alaska Commercial Property Classifications

Classification of commercial properties in Alaska is typically based off of the current use. For example, a restaurant on a B-3 or general commercial lot would be categorized as Hospitality—Restaurant on However, the B-3 zoning would allow for a user to potentially change the usage and/or redevelop the lot for a different purpose. If [...]

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