Standard Alaska Commercial Property Classifications

Classification of commercial properties in Alaska is typically based off of the current use. For example, a restaurant on a B-3 or general commercial lot would be categorized as Hospitality—Restaurant on However, the B-3 zoning would allow for a user to potentially change the usage and/or redevelop the lot for a different purpose. If [...]

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How Variables Affect CAP Rates in Alaska Commercial Real Estate

Higher is not always better. In a previous article, we reviewed the CAP rate as an initial indicator of value in Alaska commercial real estate. Now, let’s break down a couple common pro forma line items and explore how these variables affect CAP rates and the risk profile. Reserves vs. No Reserves Capital reserves are [...]

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Understanding the CAP Rate Algorithm of Alaska Commercial Real Estate

Both commercial real estate investors and professionals alike in Alaska will take a close look at an investment opportunity before they make their final decision, examining various value factors. One in particular is the CAP rate or capitalization rate. You have may have heard of it before, but what is it? CAP rate = NOI [...]

Commercial Real Estate in Alaska— The “I.D.E.A.L” Investment

Whether you're looking to invest in commercial real estate in Alaska or are simply searching for the right office building or property for your business, you likely have dozens of questions on your mind. Questions surrounding the location, price and space will arise and you will find yourself wondering if Anchorage AK commercial real estate is the best investment [...]

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